Change brings opportunity!

  • Signed a lease for our dream space in December 2017.  Supposed to move into 13,000 square feet when the city said "no, you can't move there due to zoning conflicts."  There are 5 other gyms in the area, I didn't think it would be a problem, but after earning a meeting with many important people of the county to plead my case, they still denied me.
  • Had to scramble to find a place because we were not able to renew our then-current lease.  Found a space in March to sub-lease through the end of 2018.  Excited, we made the move, bought new equipment, and continued looking for our new permanent home.
  • About 2 weeks after moving in, another gym in the complex, who chooses to see the world as a closed-minded, cut-throat mentality had us removed.  They did not have exclusive rights to be the only fitness center in the complex but the management company sided with them because "they were the long-term tenants and we're going to do what makes them happy."
  • We were given 11 days notice to move.  Sadly no new place had been secured yet so we were forced to close temporarily at the end of May.
  • Then a week later, I ended up spending 10 days in the hospital for a terrible water skiing accident.  I completely tore everything in my knee and had to have emergency surgery done to repair vascular work and make sure I didn't lose my foot.  Everything in the hospital went perfectly.  I was left with a giant metal brace on my leg awaiting knee surgery.  I was told it would be a year before I would be 100%, so sadly I was forced to keep the gym closed until I can make a full recovery.

Hi, I'm Coach Laura and I'm sorry Top-Notch Training is not living up to expectations currently.  Here's a brief summary of 2018:

It is my full intent to re-open the doors as St Petersburg's best gym for youth athletes!  Our mission is to be the most trusted gym in St Pete for youth training by balancing their busy schedules, providing appropriate workouts to their age and their physical abilities, and providing guidance for a healthy lifestyle.  We are not an adult gym that just waters down the routine for kids.  We are certified, trained professionals with years of knowledge on how to design workouts for kids.  Lifting weights, running, jumping, and sweating are all great when applied with the right knowledge and skills to meet the kids where they are and teach them how to improve.  

We are first and foremost a gym for kids.  We challenge them to become better physically and show them they are capable of achieving their goals.  We want to help them earn D1 scholarships, earn the MVP recognition, make the varsity team, or even just make the team because now there's confidence and desire to try!  

In our 5 year history, our kids saw great improvements in their physical abilities as well as their self confidence, grades and attention in school, communicating with peers, and genuinely happier and wanting to live a healthy life and try new things!  We want to be a facility that the whole family can benefit from!  We look forward to seeing you in the future. 

If you're ready to move... join our online sessions!

Until Coach Laura gets back to 100%, she'll be teaching online training sessions.  These are designed for adults but we highly encourage you to get the whole family moving!  All sessions are just 35 minutes and only $5.  Click for details!

From our ashes we come back stronger

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